Tasty Quesadillas Recipes You Can Try at Home


A quesadilla (or more) can make for a really filling meal and it can be served at any moment of the day. I want to share with you two of my favorite quesadillas recipes you can make at home. What I want to mention first is that you should get a good quesadilla maker, just like I did. When I was searching for a quesadilla maker, I found this site that supplied me with great info on the best models and that is how I got my own. I insist on getting a good unit, because it will help you a great deal with the success of your meals.


Chicken and guacamole quesadilla


Quite a classic recipe that I absolutely love is the one that includes both chicken and guacamole. Here are the ingredients I use for the filling (the quantities listed are for six quesadillas).

–        Two and a half cups of shredded chicken meat (already cooked) – I prefer chicken breast because it is low fat, but you can use other parts of the chicken, if you so prefer.

–        Two thirds of a cup of salsa

–        A few sliced green onions

–        A teaspoon of cumin (ground)

–        Half a teaspoon of salt

–        A bit of oregano (dried)

–        A bit of melted butter

–        Two cups of shredded cheese

–        Sour cream

–        Guacamole

–        12 tortillas


Combine the chicken with the salsa, onions and spices and cook over open medium heat for about 10 minutes. Take one tortilla and brush it with melted butter on one side. Place on the quesadilla maker, and then load it with one sixth of the ingredients mixed above. Proceed the same with the grated cheese, then take another tortilla and press it above the mix. Close the quesadilla maker and wait for about 5 minutes. Serve with sour cream and guacamole for a great taste. You’re done!


Mushroom quesadilla


In case you prefer a vegan recipe, a good idea would be to go for a mushroom quesadilla, which I personally enjoy a lot. You will need the following:


–        One pepper, sliced (make sure to remove the seeds)

–        Three and a half ounces of chopped mushrooms

–        One tablespoon of olive oil

–        Salt

–        Black pepper

–        Six tortillas


Place the pepper and the mushrooms in a bowl, together with the olive oil and mix them well. Grill them on a well heated grill so they become a little charred then place them aside. Proceed with the filling of tortillas just like before and wait for your quesadilla maker to work its magic.


How to Properly Get Ready for a Tornado


If you live in an area with tornadoes, you need to learn a lot of things about how to get ready for such an event. My family and I use the following checklist, to make sure that we are always prepared for a tornado.


Make a communication plan with your family

Everyone in your family should know exactly what to do in order to maintain communication with the other members when the tornado is around the corner. Make a plan and practice it, so you know that every member of the family knows what to do.

Put together an emergency kit

An emergency kit should contain all the necessary items when some catastrophic event happens. For a few hours up to a few days or more, you may have to survive on your own, so make sure that you have plenty of food, water and other supplies so you and your family can resist until the emergency teams reach your home.


Listen to your weather radio

NOAA will broadcast the latest information using its network. Use a weather radio to reach this information as this is essential for you and your family.


Be aware of any weather changes

Tornadoes can hit certain areas sooner, and getting the latest information helps you a great deal. However, this does not mean that you should not trust your own senses. Check the weather outside and watch for any dramatic changes.


In the event of a tornado, here are some weather change signs that you should be aware of:

–        The sky will turn darker and even greenish

–        Loud sounds will be heard from a distance

–        Low lying clouds will appear on the sky

–        A storm will start


If you watch out for all these warning signs and you are properly prepared, you will be able to get over a tornado with flying colors.

Parking Places for RVs that You May not Know About

RV travelers are known as friendly, easygoing people, but there are still plenty of places that display huge signs to prevent you from parking in their area. If you are planning a long trip and you need to park once in a while, a bit of guidance regarding RV friendly parking places may be of use. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Brand stops for trucks


Trucks are bigger rigs than RVs, and there are plenty of truck stops spread all over the country. Especially brand stops are particularly friendly towards RV owners, because they make quite a nice profit from selling fuel and other supplies. You can park for free in these locations and get to refuel and buy the stuff you need, all in the same place.


Big retail stores


Walmart and other big retail stores have no problems with RVs parking in their lots. After all, RV owners make pretty good customers, and this is a good enough reason for these chain stores to allow parking for your RV. However, you should keep in mind that overnight parking may be affected by different policies from one store to another, so ask politely in advance.


Chain restaurants


You can also find some good parking spaces in the areas operated by chain restaurants. They often offer special parking for RVs and trucks, and the good news is that they also have free WiFi, so you will not get bored. To easier find these you would need a good RV GPS system.


Large casinos


Other businesses that seem to have zero problems with RVs are casinos. With gambling and other casino related activities becoming increasingly popular all over the country, these establishments are very friendly towards RV owners, because they represent a stream of customers that they have now easy access, too. The best part is that you will not have to pay for overnight accommodations, or pay very little.


How to easier find these places? You will need a good tracking system and one useful resource I found is this review on GPS for RV.


How Do Car Seats for Children Work?


You may have heard more than one time about how children have survived in quite a miraculous manner a severe car crash. The number one reason why so many lives are saved today is the requirement of having a car seat installed inside your vehicle.


Safety first

It took decades for federal standards to develop in regards to child safety when riding inside a vehicle. A child needs specific safety measures when traveling by car, because they are too little to efficiently use the seat belts installed inside cars, and, if they are carried by their parents, they are quite at a risk of getting seriously injured, in the event of a traffic accident.

Federal regulations have become more and more restrictive in order to ensure that children are offered the best safety conditions when traveling by car. The car seats manufactured today take pride in meeting and even exceeding these regulations, which is a guarantee for any kid’s safety.


Absorbing energy

The safest car seats for children found on the market are now designed in a very specific manner. First of all, the frame and base is built from a tough material, like steel, and its main ability is that it manages to absorb most of the energy generated during a crash. Most of the times, the force of impact is what causes severe injuries and internal bleeding, and with it reduced, the chance of injury drops, as well.


The 5 point harness

Another advancement offered by new car seats for kids is the 5 point harness. This is designed in such a manner that it protects the most vulnerable areas of the child’s body, while managing to efficiently keep the kid glued to the seat, to avoid having the little one projected through the windshield.

All these safety improvements make car seats for infants real lifesavers.


How to Avoid Overusing Your Radar Detector


No matter how great your radar detector is, it cannot take your place at the wheel. Keep vigil and don’t forget that you are responsible for your own safety, as the safety of everyone else happening to be around you when you are driving your car. Here are some tips on how to avoid overusing your radar detector and prevent some dangerous routine of speeding up to install.


Don’t speed up for no reason

It is one thing to want to avoid getting a speeding ticket when you are really in a hurry and it is very important for you to do so, and it is a totally different thing if you develop a taste for speeding up only because you can avoid getting fined by the police. Maintain the same good driving practice all the time, and your radar detector will help you prevent unpleasant situations when there is no other choice.

Don’t fiddle with the detector

It is very important to keep your eyes on the road when you are behind the wheel. Make sure that you have made all the necessary adjustments before you get ready for the road, and let the device be once you start driving. The same rule applies to cell phones and other electronic devices that can make you distracted and get involved in an accident.


Mount the radar detector properly

In order for your speed detector to work and help you get rid of some speeding tickets, it is essential to mount it the right way. For instance, make sure that your radar detector does not get in your line of sight. If the detector gets in the way, and you can no longer see the road ahead, that is a problem and one that can lead to traffic accidents followed by injuries or worse.

far ahead.


How to Improve Your Aerobic Fitness with a Punching Bag


The punching bag is considered today a traditional piece of equipment for any martial arts trainee, but many overlook the great aerobic fitness benefits they can take advantage of while throwing punches at a heavy bag. The thing is that, while you are training with the bag, you are moving around and changing your body position in order to get a better angle to land your punches. This equals to a veritable aerobic workout, one that you can improve by following these simple recommendations.


A good aerobic fitness routine can greatly improve your cardiovascular training and conditioning. A great strategy to improve the results you will get this way is to establish a rhythm that will give you the cardio workout you need. Practice in rounds of three minutes and follow the next routine. Hit the bag with your left hand three times, than land two jabs (also with your left hand), followed by a fast right cross. Repeat.



When you practice with a heavy bag, you can greatly hone your skills, but there are many other benefits you can enjoy. Exercise regularly and you will improve not only your instinctual response, but also your stamina and endurance.



In order to land a good punch, you need to be able to balance your weight, while you are practicing with your heavy bag. Maintaining your balance helps with your cardio conditioning, as well. Make sure that you breathe in a steady rhythm through your nose, and this will help the efficiency of your punches. As you may well know, plenty of trainees make the mistake of holding their breath in when they start a sequence and this leads them to feeling exhausted within a very short time. So remember: breathe well throughout your training.


Electric Brooms – Recommended for People with Chronic Back Pains


Almost two thirds of the entire adult population suffers from some kind of back pain, mainly due to the sedentary lifestyle we are forced to lead nowadays. One of the most important recommendations for people with back pains is to rest as much as possible. When you need to do the cleaning, this can be a major impediment and solutions have to be found. In my case, the solution was called the electric broom and it has saved me so far a lot of hassle when cleaning the house.

I used to have a vacuum cleaner, just like everyone else, but, as my back pains got worse, I noticed how even such simple operations, like vacuuming the house become a true chore for me. I was quite annoyed with this, and I wanted to continue to enjoy a clean beautiful house, despite my back pains. A friend of mine heard me complaining and she recommended me to get an electric broom.


The first thing I noticed once I started using the electric broom I got was that I no longer had the bend and stretch anymore. My back was more than grateful and I could continue cleaning the house with ease, unlike before.

Dust has a way of accumulating in all corners and tight areas inside a home, and reaching those areas can be a real pain. Especially reaching under the furniture is no easy task, as you may well know it. I simply love how flexible electric brooms are and how easy it is for them to reach places that I had to painstakingly reach in the past.

I would not trade my electric broom ( which is on top of the electric broom reviews) for any other vacuum cleaner right now. I recommend all those with back pains to try one at least once. I think you will not regret it.


A website with lots of interesting articls on this subject which I recommend is: www.bestelectricbroom.com


How to Decipher What Your Fish Finder Tells You


With so many electronics at hand specifically designed for fishing, it can be quite difficult to learn everything there is to know about how to use them. Let’s focus on fish finders for now, and on what the small dots appearing on your screen tell you.


In order to get better and more accurate information from your fish finder, pro anglers recommend shutting off the factory set filters, so that you limit the number of false positives that these can read within quite a short time. This means, of course, that you must know more what how to read your fish finder screen, but it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.


When you stumble upon of a school of fish, you will notice that they move in certain patterns. The dots on your screen can give you a lot of information on what kind of fish is out there, whether you can catch them or not, and other details. School formations are but a few, but they are a good source of info so you can learn right away whether you should pursue the fish or not.

There is a real treasure of information waiting for you on the screen of your fish finder. For instance, once you start detecting schools of fish, note down the depth at which they were found. This will give you a clear idea about the depth at which all the schools of fish will be in the area, so you will get more chances to hunt down the fish you want. This offers you the best opportunity to narrow down your search so you can really return home with some fish caught by you.

Safety Recommendations for Working with a Drill Press


Even if the equipment used today for woodworking and metal working is much safer than it used to be in the past, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect your own responsibility when working with such machineries. As far as drill presses are concerned, here are some things you should keep in mind to keep yourself safe while working with one.


To start with the beginning, each drill press reviews comes with its own set of rules for safe usage. Make sure you understand all the limitations and the applications for which the drill press was designed, and do not test its boundaries, by putting yourself at risk.


When you want to start the drill press, check to see if the chuck key is removed. Also, make sure to always turn the power button off when you want to stop the drill press or you need to make certain repairs.


In order to prevent nasty accidents from happening inside your workshop, make sure that the piece of material you will be working on is securely clamped to the table. Since there will be a lot of power involved, once you start using the drill press, you surely do not want the piece of wood or metal you work on to start flying through the room.


When you intend to drill deeper cuts, make sure to pull out the drill bit often, in order to remove the chips of wood resulted from drilling. At the first sign that the drill bit gets stuck in too much waste, turn the power off and do not insist.


While working with a drill press, make sure that the small bits and chips of material do not end up in your lungs. Always operate such machineries in a well ventilated room.



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Great Toast Snack Ideas for Kids


Snacks are loved by kids, but you always need to keep an eye open for what they tend to grab, since many of the snacks sold on the market are filled with preservatives, sugar, salt and even chemicals that affect the children’s health on the long run. Replace this kind of junk food with tasty healthy snacks made with toasted bread. If you have two kids, use a 4 slice toaster so you can prepare more snacks at the same time and have everyone satisfied and ready to go.


Mini pizzas

Coat the toasted slices of bread with some tomato sauce, sprinkle some grilled cheese on top, and add some other healthy toppings. Let the slices inside the oven for a little while, and you will have 4 mini pizzas ready for your hungry kids.


Peanut butter sandwiches

To keep the calorie intake lower when feeding your kids in the morning, a good idea is to use toasted bread instead of regular bread. Your kids will love the taste more, and you will rest assured that are carefully looking after their diet. Peanut butter sandwiches are a good idea for a quick snack that requires very little preparation.

Garlic bread

Garlic bread can be based on toast! Make the topping from a quarter of a cup butter and a bit of parmesan, mixed in a bowl. Add a bit of salt, garlic and pepper and you will obtain a tasty topping for the toasted slices of bread. Your kids will love these as a snack.


Cream cheese on toast

Use toast to create other delicious treats for your little ones. Spread some cream cheese on toasted bread and add a few slices of cucumber. This healthy snack will keep your kids’ appetite at bay, without loading their daily diet with unnecessary calories.


Yummy Recipes for Breakfast


3 Tasty Toast Recipes for Amazing Breakfasts


Artisan breads are all the rage right now, but the truth is that they are nothing else but toasted slices of bread adorned with tasty tops. Unless you want to shell out a few dollars daily for a slice of toasted bread with something on it when you visit your favorite coffee shop, you can always try the next tasty recipes that will help you start the day right.


Toast with avocado topping 


On Pinterest you can find some amazing pics


I prefer using my 2 slot toaster and make two of these for me and my spouse in the morning. It is a recipe filled with everything you need at the beginning of the day and it really gets you going. All you need is a ripe avocado, some pumpkin seeds and a dash of paprika. While the toaster handles the bread slices, mash the avocado, then spread it on your toast. Sprinkle some pumpkin seeds and a bit of paprika and you will get a delicious treat for your morning meal.


Greek yoghurt and lemon juice


If you are in for some low calorie treat – although toast is known for having fewer calories than regular bread, anyhow – you should try the following recipe. Mayonnaise has lost the battle with Greek yoghurt for a while now, so you should go with the winner for this one. Hard boil an egg and spread it on your toast with a fork. Mix the yoghurt with a bit of lemon juice and spread on top.


Garlic and mushrooms


In case you are in the mood for trying out some heavenly treats, bring your toasted slices of bread ( Here you have a nice guide on how to choose a good toaster) to the table and try the following topping. Chop a few mushrooms, a clove of garlic and some thyme and sauté them in olive oil until they turn brown. Spread the topping on your toast and enjoy!